Bulldog breed information and lists of available Bulldog dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders Bulldog breed information and lists of available Bulldog dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders 

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Bulldog breed information and pictures

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The Bulldog is part of the Nonsporting (Mastiff) group. The Bulldog is a dog with Above Average problem solving abilities. The trainability of the Bulldog is Average. It was breed to be good for Family Pet, The Bulldog lifestyle is Indoors preferred

The Bulldog is susceptible to breathing and whelping difficulties, patellar luxation and overheating It is important that when contacting a Bulldog breeder that you express health concern issues and ask the breeder what they are doing in order to help mimimize them.

Please don't purchase your Bulldog from a petstore which commonly are known to support Bulldog puppy mills. Doing so only promotes inproper breeding ethics and promotes current Bulldog health issues. The AKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC registries recognize the Bulldog breed standard.

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Group:  Nonsporting (Mastiff)
Shoulder Height: 12.00 in - 14.00 in
Weight: 40-55 pounds
Exercise req'd: Low amount
Intelligence: Above Average
Suitability for kids: Excellent
Registries: AKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC


Country of Origin: Great Britain; popular mascots, demonstrating the toughness of a team. forerunners were Mastiffs. Originally bred as bull-baiters and pit fighters. Their aggressive tendencies have long since been bred out of them. .

Character: This dog is affectionate, uncomplicated, gentle, intelligent, and sensitive, and fearless.

Temperment: Bulldogs enjoy mixing with other dogs and household pets. They are good with children. Some are cautious with strangers, but most are friendly to everyone.

Coat: Short-haired. Acceptable colors are beige, piebald, brindle, and white.

Care When it is shedding, use a rubber brush to remove dead hairs. A special lotion will occasionally need to be applied to the facial folds to keep them clean.

Colour: Red brindle, other brindles, solid white, red fawn or yellow, piebald

Comments: They have become a symbol of tenacity throughout the world. Its exaggerated characteristics have made the Bulldog difficult to mate and whelp. Care must be taken during hot weather since the brachycephalic (short) characteristics of the nose and throat .

Purposes: Family Pet,

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